Remember the Future: Looking back at SheEO in 2025

Having been involved with SheEO for four years now from US to Australia, and the pleasure of a friendship with founder and visionary, Vicki Saunders, I’m proud and humbled to look back on the impact, learnings, and growth of this new model. I’ve had the rewarding experience to see this progress through; introducing women to other women creating new friends and business partners, women getting excited and realizing their own potential in supporting new ventures, founders amazed and elated of the support they never could have imagined, and so much more. I want to take more women on this journey. So…..

Today, I share with you a memory – in the future.

Join me in remembering the future and how you are all a part of it.

It’s now 2025. SheEO has more than 35 companies in Australia in the SheEO portfolio. They are all tackling the world's to-do list making significant strides towards the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals. Their market reach has crossed three borders. All this growth because of the perpetual fund you decided to become a part of on 24 October 2019. The fund has been replenished over these last 5 years not only because of your activation, but because the ventures have been paying back in full each year because of your commitment to their success, your network, and your buying power. And we have quadrupled the percentage of funding going to all female-led ventures in Australia (ok, from 3% to 12% so we still have work to do). The SheEO model is now in 10 countries and there are 12,000 Activators around the world connecting with each other.

That’s where the SheEO fund is today (2025).

And you, the Activator: Remember all those companies that you helped to review, provide feedback, and select in January and March of 2020? Well, one of you found a job that you never imagined could make you so happy. You are now with working an amazing venture doing incredible and innovative work in the education system completely redesigning how our children and adults learn. And another one of you became a follow-on investor that’s not only given you financial rewards, but you’ve helped create a healthy economy due to your investment in an incredible business that is increasing access to capital for indigenous communities. And every single one of you has gained the confidence knowing it never hurts to ask #ItNeverHurtsToAsk because you now have a tribe of women surrounding you, connecting you, showing up, holding you up, and ensuring you succeed.

That’s what it’s like for you, the Activator today (2025)

Remembering the future as a venture. Today you are thinking back on that day 24 October 2019 listening to this simulcast thinking about how busy you are and how much you already have on your plate wondering if you could find the time to fill out the 10 question application. You’re so glad you did because you were selected as a finalist or a semi-finalist, or you received the most incredible and insightful feedback during the review process that you were able to hire someone who was keen to work for you. And oh, all those ‘aha’ moments through just that process. You wouldn’t be where you are today.

And you all are basking in that feeling today (remember, it’s 2025) of pride in yourself for making that contribution of $1100 6 or taking the time to apply 6 years ago. You have officially changed the landscape of female funders (locally and globally) and created a whole new system where #radicalgenerosityis no longer just a hashtag but it’s how people are now showing up in the world.

Have a watch of the simulcast with the updates from the 5 Australian Ventures; Neighbourlytics, Environex, Worlds Biggest Garage Sale, Grow Your Mind, and GOGO Events, and some Super Activators who have been supportive in growing this new system to ensure smart capital flows to, for, by, and with female entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to be a part of this future?

A bit about SheEO…. it’s a network of female founders and backers who are building a radically generous global community to shift the paradigm of how we fund, celebrate and support women-led ventures. More information on the SheEO movement and SheEO overview video.

And this FAQ has short video explainers on how the SheEO model is a radically redesigned model.

2019 SheEO Venture Applications are open NOW!

Ventures that are majority-women own, women-led and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — or what SheEO calls “working on the World’s To-Do List” are eligible to apply to receive a 0% interest loan from SheEO Activators, coaching, mentorship and support. Apply at by 3 December (Australia)

SheEO 2019 Activations are OPEN!

Becoming a SheEO Activator is a simple, practical way to take action to create a better world today. Activators support innovative women-led Ventures that are working on the World’s To-Do List, transforming the world we live in and ensuring it’s a place where everyone can thrive. Are you IN? Learn more and Activate here!

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