Hello friends! (This was a birthday postponement as I was hoping to get together with my US friends in the Bay Area to celebrate early. Given the circumstances and health risks (coronavirus) we opted to cancel – and it happened to be two days before the mandatory Bay Area shelter in place. So I share this:

While Drew’s got this gathering proposed
It’ll be best that we’re not all exposed
We can’t hug or embrace
Dear God, don’t touch your face
So instead, this limerick I compose

Let’s consider us all academics
(Not the “leader” of US, he’s polemic)
We’re all in the know
Use a tissue to blow
When you sneeze during this global pandemic

I’m currently here in the Bay
Wishing you could all come out to play
Or share some linguine
Sadly it’s now quarantinis
While toasting alone my birthday

We actually have ‘til 6 June
To release my birthday balloons
By then half-century old
A virus controlled
And a vaccine that will keep us immune

I’m grateful for all our connections
And limit our possible infections
Love from deep in my heart
Despite being apart
Now let’s see a much better election.

Much Love,


Philanthropy Inspirier, Enterprising Educator, Creative THNKr, Authentic Connector, Light Bulb Turner-On, Volunteer Energizer, Avid Explorer

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