Inspired by Dr. Suess motivated by HerShee

Now, the 7%ers of Aussies did grab
A coveted slot for a vaccine jab
Those spots were so scarce while the outbreak, it grew
Alerting us more that it’s more than the flu

But because some had shots — Thank You, dutiful mates
We have told all our friends across country and states
“It’s a must that you get one”, they’d post and they’d share
So we can lift this damn lockdown only so much we can bear

For the one who got shots, we say they are vaxxed
But we need more of those jabs to allow borders relaxed!
We’re locked…

Early adopter — and my story shares a little bit of the mess and confusion when it all started. Alas, Australia got their act together managing the pandemic. (When I tell people I had COVID they often say “you’re the first person I met who has had it”. (see numbers/graph below)

These numbers are from March 2021

One year ago today, I landed back in Sydney (on the same flight with a friend heading to Perth) from travels in the US and Canada to see family (Connecticut), attend the SheEO Global Summit (Toronto)

They say when one door closes, another one opens. As today, 23 November 2020 is my last day at Telstra’s muru-D, I reflect on my 3.5 years spent growing, playing, laughing and learning running the muru-D program and working with the hundred+ founders, co-founders, mentors, investors, and the ecosystem at large who’ve made me so proud to support them.

I feel enormous gratitude for the opportunity to pick up my life after 17 years in San Francisco and move down under to Sydney Australia in March 2017.

As I reflect on my exit and the many memories and impact we…

My Kamala (comma — la) hat and new puppy HerShee (a play on pronouns and sweetness) celebrating the presidential election.

It’s hard not to equate the parable of the Sun and the North Wind to this Biden / Trump election.

The story concerns a competition between the North Wind and the Sun to decide which is the stronger of the two. The challenge was to make a passing traveller remove his cloak. However hard the North Wind blew, the traveller only wrapped his cloak tighter to keep warm, but when the Sun shone, the traveller was overcome with heat and soon took his cloak off.

It goes without saying who’s the North Wind, who’s the Sun and who the traveller…

This was my ‘toast’ in memory of Jon Podell at his memorial in April 2018 in San Francisco. Jon often spent Passover at my place with our crazy Passover seder and homemade haggadah. It often included musical parodies like “There’s No Seder Like Our Seder” along with boas (feather, not snake) and scallion whipping during the singing of Dayenu. The singing of Dayenu is essentially about #gratitude meaning ‘it would have been enough”

So, as I read each limerick, I encouraged all of Jon’s friends at the memorial to exclaim “Dayenu” after each stanza.

There once was a guy named…

Hello friends! (This was a birthday postponement as I was hoping to get together with my US friends in the Bay Area to celebrate early. Given the circumstances and health risks (coronavirus) we opted to cancel – and it happened to be two days before the mandatory Bay Area shelter in place. So I share this:

While Drew’s got this gathering proposed
It’ll be best that we’re not all exposed
We can’t hug or embrace
Dear God, don’t touch your face
So instead, this limerick I compose

Let’s consider us all academics
(Not the “leader” of US, he’s polemic)
We’re all in…

Having been involved with SheEO for four years now from US to Australia, and the pleasure of a friendship with founder and visionary, Vicki Saunders, I’m proud and humbled to look back on the impact, learnings, and growth of this new model. I’ve had the rewarding experience to see this progress through; introducing women to other women creating new friends and business partners, women getting excited and realizing their own potential in supporting new ventures, founders amazed and elated of the support they never could have imagined, and so much more. I want to take more women on this journey…

Playing on a remote island.

March 8th is International Women’s Day. It’s also the one year anniversary of my landing in Australia, replacing my boots and jeans with flip flops and funky pants and taking the helm of Telstra’s startup accelerator muru-D. It’s been an incredible ride to date. …

“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about” — Piaget

One of my previous jobs ‘up over’ at Salesforce Foundation was VP of All things Fun, Meaningful & Rewarding. Yes, it fitted on a business card! There was something in the title that allowed me to be playful, which also inspired the employees to get involved in the programs that my team and I were leading. More importantly, I was the one who gained incredible value in watching the employees have fun and learn from engaging in the community.

Now, that I’m ‘down under’ I have been offered the fortunate opportunity to create a similar culture with incredible founders and…

Less than 12 hours after this monumental election and shocking results, I’m finally out of fetal position, out of tissues and out of bed. I was nearly resigned to stay there for the foreseeable future having most of my hope and belief in humanity knocked from under me. Like many, I was feeling defeated and deflated asking myself how can I move forward now that all the positivity, good will and recognition of equality for so many now has a new obstacle to overcome?

It’s that sick feeling you experience when you find out your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner who you believed and…

Julie Trell

Philanthropy Inspirier, Enterprising Educator, Creative THNKr, Authentic Connector, Light Bulb Turner-On, Volunteer Energizer, Avid Explorer

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